Speaker: Izzy Edwards

Date/Time: October 11, 2022 7 PM PDT

Program Description: Have you ever been curious about owls? If you would like to learn more about these mysterious nocturnal birds, please join our October program.  We will be doing a deep dive into owl photography and life history with Izzy Edwards. Follow along as Izzy shares her journey learning to find and photograph these elusive raptors.  She will share her experiences with owl conservation work and go over the ethical issues of approaching such sensitive animals without


harming or distressing them.  Learn what photographers and birders can do to minimize their impacts to these amazing birds.   Our program will be virtual via Zoom.  

Izzy Edwards Bio Pic_edited.jpg

Speaker Bio: Isabelle (Izzy) Edwards is a 19-year-old nature photographer based in Maple Valley, Washington. Izzy has been passionate about wildlife her whole life and she is especially drawn to owls.  She has devoted the past 4 years to locating, observing and photo-documenting owls and has become an accomplished owl photographer.  In 2020 she succeeded in the amazing feat of encountering all 19 unique American owl species.  She has participated in the Global Owl Project and hands on burrowing owl conservation.  She teaches about the life history of owls at schools and organizations throughout the country. 


Izzy’s Instagram handle is @northwest_wildlife and website: isabelleedwardsphoto.com.

This meeting is via Zoom only as our speaker is presenting from

Washington state!

When we have local speakers we will have in-person meetings

Watch this space for announcements!