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Topic: California Wildlife Collection

Speaker: Brent Paull

Date/Time: Tuesday Feb 9, 2021 / 7 PM PST

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Tuesday February 9, 2021

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Speaker Bio: Brent Paul was born in 1959 in Redwood City, near San Francisco - and raised in Gilroy, California. He has lived throughout the west: (Montana) Bozeman, Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Great Falls, Billings, Stevensville, Sidney.  (Colorado) Grand Junction.  (Utah) Provo, St.George, Logan, Providence.  (California) San Jose, Gilroy, Tulare. During his senior year at BYU he and a friend made a trip to Yellowstone National Park in September 1985.  That trip led to his first published article and photos. After 18 years in Utah's Cache Valley, he sold his home and studio and moved to Tulare. Today, he spends most of his time leading photo safaris around the American West and teaching photography. His wife, Jacqueline, and his sons (with their wives and children) have all spent time exploring the vast reaches of the American West. 


His images have been published throughout the United States and in a number of foreign countries including Canada, Germany, and Switzerland.  He has had in excess of 1400 publication credits and over 700 commercial image sales as well as 30 published articles and 12 Magazine Covers.  Besides magazines and newspapers, his images have appeared in books, online magazines, business brochures, product packaging, professional reports, roadside billboards, nature guides, government reports and brochures, magazine advertising, and in calendars, on credit cards, etc.  Currently his stock library of images exceeds 200,000.

Beyond the credits, Brent has had unique photography experiences that have created a wealth of knowledge for him to draw on in his photography.  He has shot air-to-air and air-to-ground in both planes and helicopters.  He has shot for numerous government agencies, including: the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Forest Service, and the State of Utah.  He has shot custom brochure images for snowmobiling, hunting, horseback riding, fishing, hot-air ballooning, and other "people in nature" type photography.  Some of his commercial assignments have included the still photography for Hollywood commercials being filmed in Utah.

He has spent over 1200 days photographing Yellowstone National Park, with over 300 days shooting in Grand Teton National Park and over 300 in Zion National Park. He has shot in 18 national parks, and dozens of national monuments, national wildlife refuges, state parks, and wildlife management areas throughout the American West. 

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