We are so happy to share the good news — we are going to have field trips again but with COVID limitations.

We are starting up our field trips again as the COVID-19 situation in Ventura County has stabilized. If you are interested in participating in a field trip, you will need to register using the form below. We will email you a COVID release form which will need to be signed in order to participate. We will be following COVID-19 guidelines, meaning everyone must wear a mask and maintain social distancing. We will also have several field trip leaders so that we can be in small groups of under 6 people.

Beginners are welcome on all field trips. Light drizzle does not necessarily cancel trips, but heavier rain will. Please wear appropriate clothing (layers are suggested), comfortable shoes, and bring snacks, water, hats, sunscreen, binoculars and field guides.
Ventura Settling Ponds
Saturday May 1, 2021 8:30 AM
Enjoy a morning of mostly waterfowl birding. There will also be a wide variety of birds such as Common Yellowthroats, Song Sparrows, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, and Red-tailed Hawks.

Directions: Take Harbor Blvd to Spinnaker and enter Ventura Harbor. The Water Treatment Plant is on Angler before Spinnaker curves to the right. Park either across from the entrance on Angler or if there is not room, park in the lot on the right side of Spinnaker past the Ventura Boat Yard and meet at the gate. Note: Take care in crossing Spinnaker due to the blind curve.

 Please contact Adele Fergusson if you have any questions: 

Thanks for signing up! Don't forget to sign the COVID release form, which will be sent to you soon by email.


Sat 9/19/20 - Camino Real Park

Statistics: 2 hours, 0.75 mile, 35 species, 127 individuals 

Wed 9/30/20 - Arroyo Verde Park

Statistics: 3 hours, 1 mile, 29 species, 109 individuals 

Sat 10/10/20 - Satwiwa

Statistics: 3 hours, 1.5 miles, 35 species, 283 individuals

Sat 10/24/20 - Ventura Settling Ponds (Ventura Harbor Ecological Reserve)

Statistics: 2.5 hours, 1.5 miles, 34 species, 578 individuals

Sat 11/14/20 - Arroyo Verde Park

Statistics: 3 hours, 1 mile, 26 species, 133 individuals

Sat 11/29/20 - Ormond Beach

Statistics: 6 hours, 1.5 mile, 47 species, 1887 individuals