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Membership at the National and Local Level

National Audubon and the local chapter of Ventura Audubon are separate 501(c)3 non-profit corporations. National Audubon is a respected and influential voice on public policy issues from town halls to the U.S. Capitol. They are the leading voice for birds using scientific research and fact based reporting. They align and strengthen the national network by establishing mission supported priorities through state organizations like Audubon California. Audubon California then provides staff support to 49 local chapters as well as granting funds for local projects. Audubon California also operates several wildlife refuges including the Kern River Preserve. Donations at the National or Local Chapter level are both set at a minimum of $20. 


National Audubon Society


Joining the National Audubon Society includes membership in Ventura Audubon for the first year only because $20 of the donation is returned to this chapter.  In subsequent years the annual donation stays with National to support the many things they do including a subscription to the beautiful Audubon magazine. 


If you are a NEW member to National Audubon use this link to join: 



Renewing members would use this link: 




Ventura Audubon Society


You may also choose to join Ventura Audubon only OR join both which continues to provide direct support to your local Chapter. Membership in Ventura Audubon includes our Condor newsletter in digital format September through May, nine monthly programs a year with speakers on local issues, weekly field trips throughout the year, and opportunities to participate in local habitat and wildlife programs.  


To become a member of Ventura Audubon the link below - Join - will take you to a Pay Pal site which also has a credit card option.








If you prefer to Join by check use the Membership Form link and mail it with a check made payable to the Ventura Audubon Society to the mailing address below..         


Membership Form

Ventura Audubon does not share or sell membership information to anyone else.

Ventura Audubon Society

P.O. Box 24198

Ventura, California 93002