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Speaker: Alison Világ

Date: November 14, 2023

Program Description: In January 2021, Alison Világ set off on a journey charted by The State of the Birds (North American Bird Conservation Initiative), The 500 Most Important Bird Areas in the United States (American Bird Conservancy), and Google Maps’ “avoid highways” option. Alison was embarking on a Big Year–of sorts. Rather than amassing a lengthy list, she was more interested in celebrating birds for their essence and focusing on vulnerable species and the places vital to them. Alison traveled alone for much of the year, sleeping most nights in the back of her Toyota Tacoma. As the year progressed, Alison's experiences with her own vulnerability as a woman alone on the road melded into her accumulating body of work. She'll be sharing scenes from the human and natural--and the inner--landscapes traveled.  

Speaker Bio: Alison is a migration counter currently conducting the Pt. Pinos Seawatch for Monterey Audubon. She's also a writer, with recent essays published in Birding, Jack Pine Warbler, and the Cornell University Press anthology When Birds Are Near. Check out her website at

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