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Speaker: Faraaz Abdool

Date: September 13, 2022

Program Description: This talk, aptly titled "Birding the Wildest Islands of the Caribbean" is a visually stimulating virtual tour of the twin-island country of Trinidad and Tobago. While widely considered to be part of the Caribbean, these islands have a geological past that holds the key to an astounding density of biodiversity.


Your virtual tour leader, Faraaz, is a widely published bird photographer and is the author of "Casual Birding in Trinidad & Tobago". He serves on the T&T Birds Status and Distribution Committee and leads in-person tours on both islands.


Over the past twelve years he has seen and photographed over 300 species on T&T. Sadly not all of these can be included in this presentation; however there are images of more than 150 species along with several stunning vistas to be enjoyed over the course of this whirlwind tour covering the myriad of habitats on offer.   

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Speaker Bio: Faraaz Abdool is a wildlife photographer, writer, birding guide, and overall environmental advocate from Trinidad & Tobago. His roundabout journey began with a deep love for nature as a child followed by several years of intense mathematics and science. After working for a few years as an electrical engineer, Faraaz abandoned that profession to put all his efforts into the conservation and protection of the natural world. Today, he remains as captivated by nature as he was decades ago; he seeks to impart that love to any and every person possible in a bid to save the world.  

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