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Image by Tyler Jamieson Moulton



Speaker: Tevin Schmitt

Date: September 12, 2023

Program Description:The speaker program will include a presentation on the natural history and water quality issues in the Santa Clara River Estuary. The presentation will also go over Wishtoyo’s watershed monitoring program and water quality monitoring efforts in the estuary, as part of our watershed-wide monitoring effort. The presentation will also cover the water quality and habitat issues that the Ventura Water Pure Project is hoping to address and how Wishtoyo is involved in the project. There will be plenty of discussion on California Least Terns and Western Snowy Plovers and their use of the Estuary for foraging.


I know some folks are rightfully concerned about the Ventura Water Pure project, so I will be taking questions and will be discussing these issues with program attendees.

Speaker Bio: Tevin Schmitt is the Watershed Scientist for the Wishtoyo Chumash Foundation. Wishtoyo serves as a “rainbow bridge” linking Chumash and Indigenous lifeways with the protection of natural and cultural resources, utilizing traditional ecological knowledge to provide environmental and cultural preservation and justice, education, research, and advocacy.


Tevin has years of experience in conducting water quality analysis, stormwater sampling, and industrial wastewater treatment design throughout the coastal watersheds of Southern California. In addition to water quality analysis, Tevin has extensive experience in wildlife biology. Tevin works with local research organizations, like the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, and regulatory agencies conducting surveys for local endangered and sensitive wildlife in the Santa Clara River and Santa Monica Mountains.


Tevin runs Wishtoyo’s watershed monitoring program in which stream teams conduct water quality analysis and endangered species habitat surveys throughout the Santa Clara River watershed. Tevin also works with Wishtoyo’s environmental and cultural education programs, teaching youth and community members about water quality and local ecology. Lastly, Tevin works with Wishtoyo’s litigation team, analyzing and collecting evidence for potential Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act cases.

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