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Problems with Vehicles

Ormond Beach, Oxnard California

There is nothing more terrifying than the idea of ATV's inside nesting habitat. Despite ordinances that ban motorized vehicles, we see them each year.

This video was taken by the lagoon where snowy plover and least tern chicks go to grow and learn to fly. The camera was pointed at an old nest that was located outside the lagoon habitat fencing.

This is a nest that was nearly run over by a 3-wheeler. The edge of the scrape was run over, but luckily the eggs where missed. Following are a series of photos taken near the nest from this series of ATV trespassing episode into the habitat.

Vandalized fence and ATV tracks inside the habitat

The track drove the entire length inside the habitat

Where the 3-wheeler exited the habitat. As much as we try to use signs to inform the public, some people don't care and don't respect signs.

Drone image of what ATVs did to the nesting habitat a couple years ago.

This is how they got in, they just drove a truck right through our fence.


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