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Ormond Nest Update May 31, 2023

Updated: May 31, 2023

Total Nests




Snowy Plover




2 - Human Vandalism

The snowy plovers at Ormond Beach have been very busy producing nests and rearing chicks this week. We found 6 more nests and had 4 hatches. We re-spotted 4 clutches of young chicks during this week's nest monitoring survey. We have reached a happy milestone, with a total of 42 breeding snowy plovers. This is the most breeding birds we've had at one time. It's getting closer to the USFWS target of 50 breeding birds for Ormond Beach.

Above, trail camera video of one nest with 3 young chicks that hatched just hours before the video was triggered.

California Least Terns

We found our first tern nests. Just 3 so far but there is a lot of activity and we expect to find more in the coming weeks. Least terns are on time for Ormond Beach, as we normally find the first nest at the end of May.


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