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Ormond Nest Update July 11, 2023

Ormond Beach, Oxnard California

Total Nests

Active Nests

Hatched Nests

Failed Nests

Snowy Plover





Least Tern





Snowy plover nest numbers keep climbing, so far most have hatched. Last week we did lose a couple snowy plovers nests. One was inundated by the king tides, the other was predated by an unknown predator. We've lost one least tern nest to a coyote.

Here is a photo left over from June, this one is from nest 35 in the North Habitat. This one was in the north habitat were we never leave trail cameras because of the risk of theft. Luckily we caught this nest hatching.

One of the highlights from this week was the hatching of our one and only salt panne nest, our trail camera captured all 3 chicks:

We put a trail camera on a least tern nest too. Normally we don't because terns are so much more active than snowy plovers, so terns tend to drain the batteries with all of their motion. After sifting through about 1,400 videos we pulled out this hatch sequence from tern nest #4. We even caught the adult removing half an egg shell from the nest, just like we see with snowy plovers.


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