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Nest Survey - Week 5 update: 4/16/24

Updated: Apr 22

Ormond Beach, Oxnard California

Total Nests

Active Nests

Hatched Nests

Failed Nests

Snowy Plover





Least Tern





Nesting season is moving right along! Despite the rainy and windy weather snowy plover nests are being established at a normal clip. These birds are adapted to our coastal climate, and wind is a common theme in the spring.  So far we've just lost one nest to abandonment. We expect our first 2 nests to hatch this week!

Below is trail camera video from 2 years ago from a nest that made it through some pretty harsh conditions and still hatched.

Thanks to our CI partners Dr. Allison Alvarado and intern Max Morales. Our survey team came across a common Murre that had beached itself and needed care. Max carried the bird off the beach and Dr Alvarado drove it to the Santa Barbara wildlife care network coordinator. It made it to the rescue hospital in Santa Barbara on the same day.


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