Our Mission is achieved by the following activities:


Shorebird Recovery ProgramOur Shorebird Recovery Program on Ormond Beach and Hollywood Beach entails science (nest monitoring, nest sight selection research), habitat protection (fencing nesting areas, signage, predator exclosures) and outreach (our volunteer naturalist program).

• Hedrick Ranch Restoration: We have ongoing work days to restore natural areas and improve habitat in the Santa Clara River through removal of non-native plants and re-vegetation with native plants.

• Beach Naturalist Program: After volunteers complete classroom and field training about snowy plover and least tern identification and life history, they become ambassadors for these species on local beaches and become important members of our shorebird recovery team.  Volunteers engage the public, help protect nesting habitat and collect scientific data.

• Share the Shore Program: Education of children to be good stewards of the earth through supporting Audubon Adventures programs in local classrooms.

Comment Letters: We work to preserve natural habitats by reviewing and commenting on environmental documents for land use to the various government agencies involved in planning and, where necessary, supporting legal action to ensure protection of environmental quality and diversity.

Field Trips: Learning, teaching about birds, and sharing the experience of watching them in the field together is not only a  joy and a way to build community, but it is critical to help motivate others to protect birds and their habitat.