Birdathon is Ventura Audubon’s major annual fundraiser. Although grants support our basic work of species monitoring and habitat protection, they only provide a part of our funding needs, and grants require significant resources to administer. Donations provide a critical part of our fundraising needs.

Here is a sample of our programs that your donations support:

Fostering a love of birds and understanding of their needs is critical to protecting them and inspiring the next generation of birders.   All are welcome at no charge.  

Some of the local hot spots we visit include:

  • Arroyo Verde Park

  • Camino Real Park

  • Santa Clara River Estuary

  • Ormond Beach

  • Settling Ponds

  • Ventura River Estuary

We provide a guest speaker each month who presents on a topic of interest to our audience.

  • Oct - Audubon Starr Ranch Sanctuary

  • Nov -  CA Wildlife Center

  • Dec - Movie night with FWS Condor program "Condor’s Shadow"

  • Jan - Wildfire Ecology

  • Sping offerings - focus on bird photography and bird ecology topics


Least Bell's Vireo , 2020 on the Santa Clara River;  photo credit @JaneGriffith Griffith Wildlife

This small river loving bird has been on the federal endangered species list since 1986. We have partnered with local groups to protect this endangered bird for many years through habitat restoration.

Least Bell's Vireo Recovery

Public Comment

Our conservation committee was created to improve our efforts to monitor and comment on local developments and proposals that impact birds. Visit our Conservation Committee website for details.

 Shorebird Recovery Program: 

Ormond and Hollywood Beaches


Nest Monitoring 

Trail Cameras to follow nesting populations of western snowy plovers and least terns


Habitat Fences, Signs,

Protection of Nests from Predators

Beach Naturalist Training:

Public Outreach