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As a volunteer naturalist, you will educate and inform visitors to area beaches as part of the Shorebird Recovery Program and inform them about the natural history of western snowy plovers and California least terns and what is done to curtail disturbance on beaches where these species nest.

Volunteering with VAS consists of a required three hour training session ( Currently hosted on Zoom) where prospective volunteers will learn about the following topics by a VAS Biologist:

  • Beach/Dune Ecology: History and Processes of the Beach

  • Biology/Ecology of Western Snowy Plover and CA Least Terns

  • Rules and Regulations pertaining to locations we serve

  • Data collection to support population recovery and wrack abundance


After training Volunteers will participate in a one hour field orientation to become acquainted with Ormond, Hollywood and Hueneme Beaches.  Volunteers will then utilize ArcGIS applications to collect data to aid in conservation of these sensitive species,document violations and to assess the general health of the beach. Volunteers are needed year round as we need a constant presence on the beaches, while the different seasons will provide a diverse opportunity to Volunteer, one thing remains constant, the protection of birds and their habitat. 


VAS would like to thank all of the volunteers who attended our Naturalist training this year as well as all of those who returned from previous years and spent time on the beaches helping to protect our nesting birds. Volunteers also assisted monitors with surveys, fence and sign installation and repair throughout the season. 


If you are interested in being a volunteer naturalist, sign up for more information and for access to our next training here!



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