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Speaker: Ben Pitterle - Science and Policy Director

Date: September 8, 2020


Presentation Summary: For 20 years, Santa Barbara Channelkeeper has been a watchdog and advocate for the protection, restoration and sustainable management of the Ventura River and its groundwater. Meanwhile, the
Ventura Audubon Society has worked for many years towards the recovery of the endangered Least Bell's Vireo, which nests on the Ventura River. It is critical to this species and many others that rely on a healthy river ecosystem that the Ventura River is protected.


This program will cover background information about the history of Channelkeeper’s involvement in the Ventura River watershed including events that led to Channelkeeper’s litigation against the State Water Board and City of Ventura to address over-pumping.

_LBVI nestlings SCR 2019_JaneGriffith.jpg

Speaker Bio: Our speaker Ben Pitterle is the Science and Policy Director for the Santa Barbara Channelkeepers. Ben joined Channelkeeper as an intern managing our Stream Walk  program in 2005, and became our Director of Watershed Programs in January 2006. Before that he worked as a staff scientist for GeoSyntec Consultants, a Stream Team  field technician for Heal the Bay’s Malibu Stream Team, and an environmental instructor for the Community Environmental Council. He has a Masters in Environmental Science and Management from UC Santa Barbara’s Bren School and a BS in Environmental Science from UC Riverside. Ben has extensive experience with water quality monitoring, stream surveying, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, and environmental education.

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