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Ventura Audubon Society is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a birding culture of diversity, equality and inclusion. VAS encourages and embraces members of different ages, color, disability, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, race, religion or sexual orientation, birding ability and other characteristics. We hope that we can continue to foster and contribute to the protection of birds and their habitat by contributing inclusive programming to the communities we serve and to promote a greater understanding, respect and need for diversity.


One of the goals of our outreach committee is to invite a diverse series of birders/photographers to "take over" our VAS Instagram feed for a week in order to share their birding experiences and amazing photography.

Visit our Instagram feed to check out these amazing photographers!

VAS Instagram Takeover by Aditya Sridhar


Hi! My name’s Aditya, and I am a nature and wildlife photographer specializing in birds. I am currently based in Bahrain, a small island in the Middle East, and aim to document the local and migratory bird species – raptors and shorebirds, in particular.


My love for bird photography started on a late-winter morning in 2013. A casual walk around my neighborhood introduced me to the world of raptors in the form of a Marsh Harrier. Time froze as I watched the harrier fly directly overhead in hot pursuit of prey. I was hooked! Similarly, a trip to the local beach gave me the first taste of Bahrain’s most well-known shorebirds – Flamingos and Cormorants.


To me, bird photography is a getaway from the stress of everyday life. To be able to watch these beautiful creatures in their habitat is a thrill that absolutely nothing can come close to fulfilling. In return, I hope to raise awareness and inspire others to help conserve what we are blessed to have today.

Follow Aditya Sridhar’s work on Instagram at @aditya.sridhar & http://www.theluminarydiary.com/