Faraaz Abdool is a birding guide, wildlife photographer, and writer based in Trinidad and Tobago. His passion for nature dates back to his childhood, as many of his early memories involve observing the natural world. Whether it was the Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl that stared at him late one evening or the strident call of the neighborhood Striped Cuckoo - there was a connection with nature that he always felt. Birds in particular occupied a special place in his heart. But the years ticked by and more houses were built; the owls became scarce and the cuckoos disappeared altogether.


As he graduated from university and began working in the oil and gas industry in Trinidad; Faraaz began to feel more like a part of the problem than a part of the solution. The birds weren’t only disappearing from his neighborhood, but throughout the world. After only four years, he turned his back on a lucrative profession to dedicate his entire being to the conservation of wild spaces and the preservation of nature.



Conservation and wildlife photographer, Faraaz Abdool, will be previewing his new book “Casual Birding in Trinidad & Tobago”. His presentation will focus on casual birding and how anyone, anywhere can bird casually and reap the rewards, such as the connection that can develop by observing birds simply in your own backyard, and becoming aware of the natural rhythms of migration. Faraaz will also share with us about birding in Africa!


Faraaz has always been captured by the purity and innocence of the natural world. Today, he continues to encourage others to reconnect with nature, to live responsibly, sustainably and most importantly, with love.