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APRIL 2021: "Conservation in the Central Valley: 3 Keys to Our Future "

Speaker: Xerónimo Castañeda, Conservation Manager California Audubon

Date: April 13, 2021



Presentation Summary: Xerónimo's work at Audubon CA focuses on habitat restoration and enhancement through multi-benefit management of Central Valley wetlands, agricultural operations, and groundwater recharge projects to benefit birds and people. This presentation will focus on projects related to: 
1) The conservation partnership leading to the protection of at-risk Tricolored Blackbird colonies 
2) The development of multi-benefit groundwater recharge projects in target regions to benefit birds and communities 
3) On-farm demonstration of how cover crops and riparian restoration create habitat and reduce GHG. 

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Speaker Bio: Xerónimo Castañeda is a Conservation Project Manager with Audubon California. He is a native of the Bay Area spending most of his time living and working along the coast, from Monterey to Arcata. In between spring and summer field seasons with Point Blue Conservation Science, he ventured to the east coast to run fall migration banding stations. Regardless of seeing some amazing landscapes across the country, each year he found his way home to California, eventually settling in the Sacramento region. Away from work, Xerónimo spends time backpacking, riding bikes, cooking, and of course birding.