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Image by Julia Craice



Saturday January 8, 2022 8:00 AM

Enjoy birding the oak woodland, grassy areas, and chaparral in this long, broad canyon. Early fall migrants may include Western Tanager, Townsend's warblers, Ash-throated Flycatcher, and Phainopepla. Parking is $2/hour and up to $5/day, or park on Foothill and walk inside to meet.

Directions: Take Victoria Ave, left on Foothill Rd, right on Day Rd to the entrance of the park. Because they are building a playground area, our usual meeting place in the parking lot by the bathroom is closed. We will meet at the last parking lot past the bathrooms before the baseball fields. 



Saturday January 8, 2022 8:00 AM

Camino Real is a grassy park surrounded by pines and eucalyptus and is an excellent place to see birds. Target birds will include Red Shouldered Hawk, Pacific-slope Flycatcher  and Townsend’s Warbler.

Directions: We will meet outside the park and walk in. Take Telegraph Road toward Ventura College. Across from Ventura College, turn onto Estates, take a right on Aurora, go to the grass beltway across from the mobile home park. Park closest to the last house in the residential tract. We will start birding along the barranca and go into the park.

Image by Trac Vu


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We will drive and walk as we bird this beautiful canyon road and one of our best birding hotspots. Target birds: Lark sparrows Red-shouldered Hawk, Loggerhead Shrike, Nuttall’s Woodpecker and Roadrunner.


Directions: From 101 N, take the 33 and exit Cañada Larga Rd. Meet at the beginning of the road there is a small parking lot on the right. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a fairly busy county road, so please use good birding etiquette. Do not stop your car in the middle of the road and always bird from the shoulder.



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The Salt Marsh Reserve is an excellent birding location due to the estuary, wetlands, and upland habitats. Special birds of concern can be found here, including Belding’s Savannah Sparrow, and White-tailed Kite. Several species of heron are often seen at once.  

Directions: Take HWY 101 North, Exit Casitas Pass Rd. and turn left (south). At Carpinteria Ave., turn right, then left on Linden and right on Sandyland Rd to Ash. Park along Ash.

Bring your own lunch as we have been graciously invited to join Debby Burns at her ocean front home at Rincon Point. She will provide drinks and dessert. Details to the home will be provided at the walk.  

Image by Y S


Saturday January 22, 2022 8:00 AM

At the entrance to Emma Wood State Beach, we will be searching the scrub for sparrows and warblers. We will follow the path that leads through the willow forest (often finding wrentit and other secretive birds here) and finally across the sand dunes to the Ventura River Estuary. The estuary is always an exciting place to bird, and target birds will include: Snowy, Black-bellied and Semipalmated Plovers, Willet, Whimbrel, Black Turnstone, Red-necked Phalarope and Forster’s Tern. There will be a fair amount of walking, so please dress appropriately in layers and comfortable shoes. 

Directions: From US-101, exit California St, turn right and then make a quick left onto Thompson Blvd. Follow Thompson (becomes Garden St) and turn left on W. Main St. Follow W. Main St until just before it enters the northbound 101 freeway. Emma Wood Group Camp is on the left. There is ample street parking along the outside of the park on W. Main St (we must park outside and walk in). Please do not leave valuables in your car, and be sure to lock your vehicle.





We will meet inside the entrance to the park and bird in the park and some of the Ventura Hillsides Conservancy land to the south. Bring a jacket, as it will be chilly until the sun hits us. Some expected species include egrets, herons, Oak Titmouse and Western Bluebirds.  

Directions: Take Hwy 33 toward Ojai, exit at Casitas Vista Rd, go right & park under the freeway bridge. (Parking is also available inside Foster Park at a cost.  

Image by Mathew Schwartz



Join us for a walk by the lake!

Target Species: hummingbirds, grosbeaks, gnatcatchers as well as ducks, geese and waterfowl. Hopefully we will see the Lewis’s woodpecker and the Bald Eagle. Plans are to enter Lake Casitas by car so walking will be less than usual.

Directions: Take Hwy 33 towards Ojai; exit Casitas Vista Rd. Turn right twice and go under freeway past Foster Park to first right, Santa Ana Rd. Follow to park, on left. Or take Hwy 33 to Hwy 150, turn left and follow signs to the lake. Park out front and we will drive into the park or walk. 





Lake Los Carneros is a wonderful location for bird watching with resident white-tailed kites, shore birds and waterfowl as well as woodpeckers, warblers and sparrows. For those who are interested we will get together for lunch at a local spot after the walk.

Directions: Take 101 North to Lake Carneros exit, make a right. Go through the roundabout , make a right into Lake Carneros before the firehouse.  



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This beautiful preserve is a birding hotspot and includes a restored wetland and native plantings. Target birds: Western Bluebirds, Sora, White tailed Kites, Western Meadowlark, Merlin, Lark Sparrow, Lincoln’s Sparrow and White-crowned Sparrows. 


Directions: Take Hwy 33 toward Ojai and turn left at the Y. The preserve is on the left side. Parking is available in front of the entrance and at Nordoff High School. We will meet at the entrance.



Day, Date Time

Join us at this excellent coastal location, where we will look for a variety of birds, such as Willets, Whimbrels, Long Billed Curlew, Black Bellied Plovers and other migrating shorebirds. We will also look for Peregrine Falcon, Loggerhead Shrikes and Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers. Dress in layers, as the morning may be chilly. 

Directions: Hwy 101 south and exit on Rice, turn right and continue to Hueneme Rd. Turn right on Hueneme Rd. After Olds Rd. take a left on Arnold and continue to the end of the road. This is an isolated area so please be careful and lock your car.



SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2021 - 8:30 AM


We will walk along the beach from Surfers Knoll parking lot to the estuary.

Target Species: A variety of shorebirds including Snowy Plovers, Ruddy and Black Turnstones and hopefully Surfbirds which are always an exciting treat. We will also tackle some gull and tern identification, so bring your field guides! Please bring scopes if you have them. We will be walking a good distance on sand, so please wear appropriate footwear and plan on dressing in layers.


Directions: Take Harbor Blvd to Spinnaker and enter Ventura Harbor. Follow Spinnaker as it curves around to the right. Park in Surfers’ Knoll parking lot, on the left.



Day, Date-Time

The settling ponds at the Ventura Harbor is a reliable place to find ducks, grebes, gulls and terns, as well as songbirds and raptors. We should hear Spotted Towhees, Yellow Rumped Warblers and Blue-gray gnatcatchers. 

Directions:  Take Harbor Blvd to Spinnaker Dr. and enter Ventura Harbor. The water treatment plant is on Angler, a left turn before Spinnaker curves to the right. Park either across the street from the entrance on Angler in the 4 hour parking areas on the curb, or in the lot on the right hand side of Spinnaker Dr. Use caution when crossing the road at the blind curve. Meet in front of the gate on Angler.

IMG_0714.JPG_Yellow-rumped Warbler.JPG


SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2022 - 8:30 AM

We are excited, this is our first trip back to the HRNA since COVID. The Reed Smith trail has been cleared by volunteers and is ready for walks once again. 

There should be Vireos possibly (3 speices) with emphasis on Least Bell Vireos, Chats, Yellow Warblers, PacSlope, and maybe Blue Grosbeaks.

Directions: Take Hwy 126 to Santa Paula, 10th St. exit. Go under freeway, right turn on Harvard, right turn on 12th, and cross the S.C. River Bridge. Go 3.7 miles to 20395 S. Mountain Rd. Turn left onto the dirt road and follow it to the end (approximately 1/2 mile). Even a little rain can make the road impassable, if in doubt, call Sandy to check road conditions.



TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 2022 - 8:30 AM

Abundant insects and running water in Wheeler Gorge make for some excellent birding in this scenic area. Expected species include: Western Wood Pewee, Black-headed Grosbeak, Bullock's, Hooded Orioles, Yellow Warblers, and hopefully some migrating birds such as warblers and vireos. feeders at the nearby visitor's center give close-up views of Hummingbirds and Steller's Jays. Bring insect repellent, water, hat, sunscreen, and your field guide.

Directions: From Ventura, take Hwy 33 towards Ojai. At the "Y" intersection, turn left on Hwy 33 and go past Matilija Springs through two tunnels (about 8 miles) and meet at the campground entrance. There is parking across the street at the visitor's center.



SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 2022 - 8:30 AM

Join us for a great birding spot right in our own backyard, We'll be looking for Warblers, Flycatchers, Woodpeckers, and perhaps we'll see some migrating warblers and orioles.

Directions: We'll meet at Barranca Vista Park, park at Barranca Vista Recreation. It is located at 7050 Ralston St. Ventura. From the 101, take the Johnson Dr exit, make a right on Ralston. From Telephone Rd, take Johnson and make a left on Ralston.



SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2022 - 8:30 AM

There are trails through oak and sycamore woodlands, coastal sage scrub in Malibu Creek State Park.

Directions: Malibu Creek State Park is about 45 minutes from ventura. Take 101 Freeway East, Exit at Las Virgenes Rd.  Continue 4 miles south of the 101, past Mulholland Dr, make your first right into Malibu Creek State Park. Continue straight to the first large parking lot on the left, meet at 8:30 AM.

Parking fees: All day - $12 per car per day, 3 hours - $9 per car, 2 hours - $6 per car. Hopefully many of you will carpool.


SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2022 - 8:30 AM

Scenic park in Newbury Park with hiking, biking & horseback riding trails plus an American Indian cultural center. The hiking trails can be hilly and steep in some areas with little tree cover. Sunscreen and water are highly recommended. Birds of interest here are Lazuli Buntings, California Thrasher, California Quail, Cactus Wren, Greater Roadrunners and various hummingbird species. 




Today we count all species, numbers of birds of species and we visit every nook and cranny in our Ventura Audubon count circle.


Birders of all skill sets are involved in the CBC. If you are a beginning birder, our compiler will pair you with an expert initially.  If your home is within the boundaries of a CBC circle, then you can stay at home and report the birds that visit your feeder on count day as long as you have made prior arrangement with the count compiler.

If you would like to participate this year, please view our CBC page below for more information.


SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, 2023 - 8:30 AM

The park has open green fields, walking paths with intermittent tree shade, and a big pond where water fowl and other birds congregate. There is plenty of parking and public restrooms are available. Birds of interest: Plumbeous Vireo, Ross’s Goose, Ruby crowned kinglet, Hooded merganser, black crowned night heron.  


Directions: The park is located at 1765 Royal Ave in Simi Valley. Take 101 South to CA-23 North. Take CA-23 to CA-118 and exit at Erringer Road. You can enter the park off Erringer. We'll meet in the parking lot by the swimming pool. 


SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, 2023 - 8:30 AM

Let's take a walk along the lake! Nestled in the Los Padres National Forest, picturesque Lake Piru offers an escape from city life. There are plenty of shade trees, moderate amount of walking, and features many different habitat types including a large lake where birds of prey can be seen fishing. The lake hosts a variety of bird species including Williamson’s Sapsucker, Common Goldeneye, Bald Eagle, and Rock Wren. 


Directions: There is a $10.00 entrance fee per car. Lake Piru is located at 4780 Piru Canyon Rd, Piru, CA 93040. Take state route 126 to Piru Canyon Road and turn left. 


SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, 2023 - 8:30 AM

Desc. Beautiful garden with walking trails throughout. The lovely plants on display attract many local pollinators including a variety of bird species such as Costa's Hummingbird, Hooded Orioles, Nuttal’s Woodpecker, and many more. 

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