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Ventura Audubon Society is a chapter of the National Audubon Society located in Ventura County, California

Mailing address: P. O. Box 24198, Ventura, California 93002

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The major priorities within our chapter are education, habitat preservation,
and habitat restoration. These priorities are consistent
with those of the
National Audubon Society and are at the core of our
mission statement.

National Audubon employs a powerful combination of science, education

and policy expertise in our efforts to protect and restore local habitats

and to implement policies that safeguard birds, other wildlife and the

resources that sustain us all – locally, in the state, and across the U.S.

Ventura Audubon’s mission statement: to promote at the local level, by education and action, the protection and restoration of bird populations and wildlife habitat for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biodiversity.


The following outlines the many ways in which we support our mission statement:

  • Conducting volunteer research on bird distribution and populations. Our ongoing work to monitor and document the nesting of Western Snowy Plovers and California Least Terns on the beaches of Ventura County is the main expression of that effort. We also conduct annually the Christmas Bird Count and the Great Backyard Bird Count.

  • Working to restore natural areas through removal of non-native plants and re-vegetation with native plants.

  • We have long supported the restoration work at Hedrick Ranch Nature Area in Santa Paula and continue to schedule monthly work days there and on the adjacent Nature Conservancy land undergoing restoration. We have also undertaken to restore a population of the endangered Least Bell’s Vireo to the lower Ventura River, supporting the land acquisition and restoration efforts of Ventura Hillsides Conservancy.

  • Education about natural habitats and the species that use them and Audubon activities through monthly programs and newsletters.
    Our monthly newsletter (September through May) includes David Pereksta’s Notes from the Field highlighting sightings by observers throughout the area. We occasionally reprint articles from other sources that might be of interest. Our Constant Contact email list reaches more than 700 people and we use it to keep members informed of events that might be of interest and to invite action when needed. We also publish informative brochures on nesting shorebird habitat and dogs on the beach. We participate in Oxnard’s Earth Day each year in April and at other events where we can engage the public with our message.

  • Education of children to be good stewards of the earth through supporting Audubon Adventures programs in local classrooms. 
    Perhaps our most important endeavor, our children are the future! Audubon Adventures costs about $40 per classroom. We partner with USFWS and others to bring programs into classrooms primarily in elementary and middle schools. We also partner with CSUCI and its Environmental Science and Resource Management program to bring sophomores to Ormond Beach for 15 hours each spring.

  • Working to preserve natural habitats by reviewing and commenting on environmental documents for land use projects to the various government agencies involved in planning and, where necessary, supporting legal action to ensure protection of environmental quality and diversity.
    We are on the email list for the County of Ventura Planning Division which notifies us of upcoming projects. We are also alert for projects that are proposed within the cities. Often, we partner with other organizations to respond to proposals that they flag as having potential to affect birds or habitat. We depend upon California Audubon to inform us of state legislative and regulatory activity in Sacramento.

  • Creating an appreciation of various habitats and their wildlife and plant resources by conducting field trips. 
    VAS sponsors bird walks nearly every week to local birding spots and, once a year, to a more distant location offering different habitat and/or different species. Information on local birding areas is also available
    on this website.

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